Janine Breukhoven

Founder & Director

Janine Breukhoven

Being well versed in the world of fashion, Janine knew she wanted to preserve her fabulous lifestyle while pregnant – and every day after becoming a mom. She launched Prêt à Pregnant (2011) The-Mom.com & The-Dad.com as a daily inspirational site for (expecting) parents with individual taste and style.

Five years after the launch of Prêt à Pregnant,  The-Mom.com & The-Dad.com these sites developed into true brands. Besides the online magazines the team develops creative concepts, online activations, brand strategies, organizes big events and advises brands on a strategic level.

Janine is also a contributing editor for the magazine Mama & Family and Talkids section of Talkies Magazine.

“Of course many things change once you become a mother – but it doesn’t have to be all that dramatic! It is such a shame to neglect your sense of style. Prêt à Pregnant.com provides the best fashion, beauty, lifestyle ideas to help mommies live their best life”.

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