Breakfast recipe: Healthy oatmeal smoothie


Breakfast recipe: Healthy oatmeal smoothie

The sun is finally here again! Are you not summer-proof yet and do you want to pay some extra attention to your food in the coming weeks? Go for a delicious smoothie for breakfast or as a healthy snack. This will make sure that you will be hydrated during the heat and that you will get your vitamins in. We are going for a well-stocked juice this morning, which ensures that you won’t be hungry until lunchtime. Read on!

2 scoops of oatmeal, spinach, banana, coconut water (if desired), blueberries.

Add all ingredients together in the blender. Mix these until it becomes a smooth substance. Make sure that you are making a large portion. You can use this as a snack whenever you are hungry or save it for tomorrow morning. This juice is also suitable for children, so give them a shot as well to boost their vitamins.

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