Recipe: Bikini-proof gazpacho


Recipe: Bikini-proof gazpacho

Are you ready to get rid of the winter kilos? We are paying some extra attention to the calories this week. Which is why we are going for a light and healthy dish tonight. Do you already know what to eat? Go for a cold dish to beat the heat these days. Are you feeling like eating gazpacho tonight? We are providing you with a delicious recipe. Read on! 

200 gram crumbled bread, 1 cucumber, 1 red pepper, 2 garlic cloves, 6 big peeled tomatoes, olive oil, wine vinegar.

Put the ingredients together in a kitchen machine and mix until a smooth mixture arises. Add some salt, pepper and herbs to taste. Sprinkle some cucumber and pepper pieces on top and add some (whole-wheat) bread to the soup or eat it on the side. Add some water to ensure a thinner structure. Keep the leftovers as a snack-, lunch- or dinner dish for the coming days.

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