I'm not a regular mom, i am a cool mom.

As a working mom, it can be tough to find the time to follow the latest fashion trends. But we got you covered by giving you the latest updates on the musthaves of the season. Today we opted for a cool mom outfit; you need to be a little bit of a dare devil but you will totally rock this look with a red on red combination. Make your style cool with the knitted tomato-red sweater featuring a leopard star.  The sweater is crafted from a soft wool-blend that keeps you cozy without being heavy. Combine the sweater with the MAGGIE MARILYN skirt. The skirt is made from a glossy red satin. It’s trimmed with a tracksuit-inspired striped waistband and has a zip running through the front. Cool stuff right? Finish the styling with Marlous van der Toorn jewelry. Fake it till you make it! The Double Finn can be worn if you have only one piercing while it will look like you are wearing two piercings. The construction helps to hold the smaller Finn into place. Enjoy wearing.



  1. sweater BELLA FREUD €340,- 2. skirt MAGGIE MARILYN 450,- 3. bag GUCCI €1390,- 4. shoe STELLA MCCARTNEY 785,- 5. trio ring MVDT COLLECTION €100,- 6. sunglass MONKI €12,- 7. earring MVDT COLLECTION €95,-
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