Yolanthe shares video of Xess Xava during a swimming less

Water and kids is a match made in heaven, but also has an enormous dangerous side. It’s one of every parent’s greatest fears that a child falls in the water in an unguarded moment. Teaching your little one how to swim is very important and from the age of 4 they can start taking swimming lessons. But before that age there are ways to learn our toddlers how to safe themselves when they fall in the water.

On Instagram Yolanthe Cabau Sneijder shared a video of her son Xess Xava during a swimming lesson by Zoë van Straalen of Children of the water. In the video we clearly see that the little hero knows exactly what to do when something unexpected happens. By turning on his back he finds a way to float and keep his face above the water. So special to see!

So so proud of my little baby boy!! ❤️ Still 1 years old and already swimming like this!! 😍🙌🏼🏊🏼🥇👏🏼 More important is that he knows what to do when his little body gets tired in the water 💦He can turn himself around and float besides swimming. This doesn't mean he should ever be left alone in or close to water or anything like that!!! (Always stay close!!) But it feels good knowing he's capable of doing what he does now! This is just the start.. he's learning and learning.. but I wanted to share this self rescue test of today.. just because this mommy is very proud! ☺️❤️ #MyBoo #AlwaysHappy #HisLifeMeansEverythingToMe #DoingThisTestSmiling 🤗#BlessedMommy 🙏🏼 @xessxava @zoevanstraalen76

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