Mommy make-over by makeup artist Amanda Rijff of Laura Mercier

3 October 2014. This week Prêt à Mama's Janine was invited by makeup artist Amanda Rijff at Skins Cosmetics in the Conservatorium Hotel. Amanda is well known in the beauty industry and is famed for her flawless makeup of herself and clientele. Celebs as Kelly Cutrone, Mandy Smith, model Kim Feenstra, singer Do, Edsilia Rombley and Sylvia Geersen all reach out to Amanda for shoots and for events. With the beautiful makeup of Laura Mercier Amanda shows us how to create a flawless mommy look and her makeup in ten minutes! So ladies, take a look and see how we can all look like a million as busy moms! 

A warm welcome at Skins Cosmetics in the Conservatorium Hotel. Laura Mercier exclusively sells their makeup at Skins.

Time to get the face clean and ready for a mommy make-over.

Let's go! My skin is changing during my pregnancy. But Amanda has got 5 amazing tips for a restless-looking face! And will apply a natural looking makeup with a touch of glam.

First use a Hydrating primer. The Primer from Laura Mercier contains hyaluronic acid, aloe vera and vitamins A, C, E. These ingredients gives your skin a instant glow and also gives your skin a boost. 

Beautiful lipsticks.

Continue with the eyebasics! The eyebasics ensure the colour diffrences on your upper eyelid and gives you bigger eyes.  Then you get the Invisble eyeliner, it's the waterproof caviar tuxedo stick. You draw with the waterproof caviar tuxedo stick a line between your lashes. You fill the space between the lashes what gives you a amazing effect. Your lashes look longer and your sclera look whiter.

Wondering if I will try something different than my nude lips.

Good tools are essential to apply your makeup.

For a more striking-looking face you can choose to use a eyebrow pencil. If you choose to give your look more intensity you have to use a eyebrow pencil that is lighter than your own eyebrows. Also you have to sketch your eyebrows because with hard lines you get a hard-looking face and that is not what you want! You want a flawless face so just soft lines for a soft effect.

You finish your look with an Highlighter. With an highlighter you create a beautiful glow on your face! No glitter, just a beautiful and fresh shine! 

This is the result! Besides the workshops Amanda also gives one-on-one tutorials. She can come to your house and will guide you how to apply the best look for you! A great investment for moms.

This is the result! Thank you sweet Amanda for the wonderful mommy make-over! Follow Amanda on Instagram @Amandaonbeauty

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