Become a smile addict with beauty innovator Smile Lab


Become a smile addict with beauty innovator Smile Lab

Have you been thinking about whitening your teeth, but nonetheless, do you think it’s too expensive? Or are you a bit sceptical about the results? There are several other ways to make your teeth white again, without spending too much money or time on treatments.

The common names we know when thinking about teeth whitening products may be working, however, there is only one brand that places oral care as a beauty product. This unique method is not that odd: after all, beauty starts with a white smile, right?

The Swedish brand Smile lab designed their teeth whitening products in a way that you immediately see result. Your teeth will look whiter after only one treatment. Since this month Smile lab products are available at Etos, where you can choose between the S strips (a full treatment for 7-14 days) and the FLASH Brush (which gives an immediate effect and is perfect for in your handbag).

As Smile lab states: ‘Smile before breakfast!’ Stay tuned for Janine’s review of Smile lab, in which she is going to discover if her teeth really get whiter. In the mean time, get your teeth whitening strips at Etos or online at and test them yourself!

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